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Discovering the Past, Inspiring a Better Future.

1001 Inventions is a leading and award-winning international science and cultural brand reaching over 50 million people around the world.

1001 Inventions uncovers a thousand years of scientific and cultural achievements from Muslim Civilisation from 7th century onwards, and how those contributions helped create the foundations of our modern world.

Through its award-winning educational programmes, books, blockbuster exhibitions, live shows, films and learning products, 1001 Inventions showcases the contributions of inspirational men and women of different faiths and cultures in a civilisation that spread from Spain to China.

1001 Inventions, have produced a world-class range of exciting and engaging educational experiences, productions, products and resources that are all extensively researched by academics and designed by industrial experts.

The 1001 Inventions exhibition completed its record-breaking residency at London’s Science Museum with 400,000 visitors in the first half of 2010, followed by a blockbuster residency at the iconic and historic Sultan Ahmed Square in Istanbul with a further 400,000 visitors over a seven-week period. The exhibition then opened at the New York Hall of Science in December 2010, welcoming an additional 250,000 during its five-month US premiere. More than 500,000 people visited 1001 Inventions at the California Science Center in Los Angeles between May 2011 and March 2012. The next venue for the US tour will be the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC, opening in August 2012.

A bilingual Arabic-English version of the 1001 Inventions exhibition was launched in November 2011 in Abu Dhabi for a five-week residency as part of the inaugural Abu Dhabi Science Festival.

Originally launched in the United Kingdom in March 2006, 1001 Inventions was created by the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC), a British based non-profit, non-religious and academic organization. Working with world’s leading academics, 1001 Inventions engages with the public through educational media and interactive global exhibitions, in order to highlight the shared cultural and technological inheritance of humanity.

A previous smaller 1001 Inventions exhibition toured the UK starting at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester back in March 2006. It then went to Cardiff, Wales, Birmingham Thinktank, Glasgow Science Centre, Scotland and at the Museum of Croydon, London.

The previous exhibition graced the UK Houses of Parliament (in October 2008), which was exclusively for Ministers, Peers, MPs and parliamentary staff. In addition, the previous exhibition was displayed at the European Parliament and at the United Nations in New York.

Cities that hosted 1001 Inventions:

Location Date Opened/Officiated by
UK - London
(London Science Museum)
January - April 2010 Supported by His Royal Highness Prince Charles
Turkey - Istanbul
(Sultan Ahmed Square)
August 2010 - March 2011 Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan
USA - New York
(Hall of Science)
January - March 2011 -
USA - Los Angeles
(California Science Centre)
March 2011 - March 2012 By Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton
USA - Abu Dhabi
(Abu Dhabi Corniche)
19 November - 24 December 2011 His Highness Sheikh Nahyan
USA - Washington
(National Geographic Museum)
12 August 2012 - February 2013 -
Saudi Arabia - Dhahran
(Saudi Aramco)
12 June - 20 August 2012 Khalid al-Falih
Qatar - Doha
(Islamic Art Park Museum)
17 October - 12 November 2012 SheikhaMayassa (Emir’s daughter i.e. the Princess)

1001 Inventions In Malaysia :

Location Date
Alor Setar, Kedah
(Muzium Negeri Kedah)
3 November 2015 - 15 May 2016
Bandar Hilir, Melaka
(Bastion House)
17 February 2015 - 17 June 2015
Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu
(Terengganu Trade Centre)
23 August 2014 - October 2014
Kuala Lumpur
(National Science Centre)
31 August 2013 - June 2014

The award-winning blockbuster exhibition, 1001 Inventions, which is about the achievements of Muslim Civilisation in science and technology, will be launching a three-year tour of Malaysia in early 2013 for its Asian Premiere.

Recognised as the world’s best touring exhibition by the Museum and Heritage Excellence Awards in London in 2011, the ground-breaking 1001 Inventions show has already received more than three million visitors during record-breaking residencies in London, Istanbul, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC and the Middle East.

The Malaysian tour of 1001 Inventions will be produced in partnership with Science Discoveries Sdn. Bhd., which has previously brought several science exhibitions to the Malaysian market in partnership with the London Science Museum.

1001 Inventions : Kegemilangan Tamadun Muslim is the Malaysian version of the groundbreaking production that has wowed audiences across Europe, North America and the Middle East.

1001 Inventions brings to life pioneering men and women from the history of science whose achievements have had a huge but hidden influence on the way we live our lives today. These role models serve as an inspiration for young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics thanks to the modern, engaging and highly interactive 1001 Inventions experience.

Science Discoveries Sdn. Bhd. is bringing this internationally acclaimed show to Malaysia for its Asian debut. Science Discoveries Sdn. Bhd. has a proven track record for showcasing science exhibitions in the region and the launch of 1001 Inventions in Malaysia continues our tradition of supporting the national objective of encouraging the development of a knowledge economy in our home territory. More than three million people have already visited the exhibition in the last three years and we anticipate that 1001 Inventions Malaysia will continue that success.

The 1001 Inventions initiative has received recognition from industry leaders, statesmen and academics from around the world including public messages of support from HRH Prince Charles (UK), Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

1001 Inventions is a family-friendly educational brand supported by an international network of academic experts, which ensure that the content of 1001 Inventions productions is of the highest possible academic standard.

The content of all 1001 Inventions productions has been researched by academic experts and then peer reviewed by a network of specialist academics from respected Universities and Museums around the world. In addition, the Science Museum in London employed a panel of renowned experts to review and verify the content of the 1001 Inventions exhibition prior to its six-month residency there.

The Malaysian version of the exhibition will feature more than sixty exhibits providing visitors of all ages with a hands-on, interactive and state-of-the-art family-friendly experience. Different zones dedicated to Engineering, Medicine, Astronomy, Mathematics, Geography and Agriculture will highlight the many ways in which Muslim Civilisation helped lay the foundations for the European Renaissance and has had a profound impact on the modern world.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is a 20 foot-tall replica of the 13th century “Elephant Clock”, invented by Master Engineer, Al-Jazari, which incorporated technologies from many ancient civilisations and pioneered the concept of automation. Al-Jazari also serves as the central character in the exhibition’s orientation film, “The Library of Secrets”, which stars Oscar-winner Sir Ben Kingsley and won more than 20 industry awards including “Best Film” recognition in Cannes, Los Angeles and at the New York Film Festival. To date, the movie has been downloaded more than 20 million times.

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Muslim civilisation stretched from Spain to China. From the 7th century onwards, men and women of different faiths and cultures built on knowledge from ancient civilisations, making breakthroughs that have left their mark on our world.

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